How To Search For Photos
You can search for photos of yourself (or others) by inputting your race number on the day. At the top of the preview panel you will see an area labelled “Search for an image”. Click on the button “Search by race number” and then type in your race number. Any images which clearly show your race number will be shown.
If there are no images shown, it may be that your number was not clear on photos that feature you (or the person you are searching for). In this case enter * instead of your race number and all photos where there is no identifiable number will be shown. You can then browse through those images. In some galleries, you can also type in the colour of the vest you ore on the day. Any photos where there is an athlete whose number cannot be seen, but is wearing a vest of the colour you type in will be shown. Please only type in general colours such as “Blue”, “Pink” or “Red”......not elaborate descriptions such as “Green with yellow stripes”.
Alternatively, you can look through the entire gallery of photos.
Please note - Some races may not have the search feature activated